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"I Never would have dreamt about Scuba diving, let alone being able to become a certified diver.Scuba diving is so much fun and gives me the feeling of immense freedom. This is the best thing that happened to me for a long time" (An Adaptive/Classified Open Water Diver)


Bali International Diving Professionals Are Offering Scuba Diving To Disabled Divers.

– Adaptive Scuba Open Water Diver Course (Based on minimum 2 participants):

4 days Regular Course; IDR CONTACT US; 4 Dives
4 days (Online Theory) ; IDR CONTACT US; 4 dives

We Are A SSI Adaptive Scuba and extend our services to disabled divers from All Over The World.

B I D P Offers diving to physically challenged qualified divers and diver training for the majority of individuals who have a physical Handicap. We also offer training to able-bodied qualified divers to become a dive buddy for divers who are physically challenged. We see Scuba Diving as a normal activity in a prestigious sport that is not altered for people who have a physical handicap. Diving offers all individuals a lifetime of enjoyment, challenge, education and socialising, which can include the whole family, and on an equal basis.

B I D P Visits divesites which are suitable for all levels of divers and we are happy to discuss what help you need concerning dive preparation, entries and exits from the water, surface control, communication, descents and ascents and swimming under water. It is possible to dive from our purpose built diving boat at the island of Nusa Penida, or shore diving at Tulamben.

Let us provide you with an underwater video of your unique diving experience in Bali, Indonesia. As at reception for details.

Bali is not famous for its facilities for the physically challenged, however B I D P is a facility which provides you all with an experienced instructor who understands your needs. We also hope that you will be able to help us by providing feedback on all aspects of the services we offer and on your experience in Bali.

In order to learn more about what we can offer, please email BIDP
– Discount For Group Bookings –


Scuba diving is the most accessible sport for people with a disability. Regardless of physical handicap, diving is open to many, due to the neutral buoyancy underwater (not being bound by the earth's gravity).

While Scuba diving is a recreational sport for many people, it is even more so therapeutical for people with a disability. It is often said that one forgets their handicap whilst being underwater. Indeed, diving can make pain temporarily fade away, replacing it by the Ultimate feeling of freedom!

Some therapists even started teaching Scuba diving themselfs, as they clearly can see benefits of using this alternative way of treatment.

Learn To Dive:
Learning to dive is possible with us in Bali, but please note that a medical statement no older than 12 months is always required when you like to join our dive courses. In case you are not sure if your handicap would allow you to dive, feel free to contact BIDP.

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