Technical Diving

B.I.D.P Is Bali's Premiere Technical Diving Facility

We Are SSI Technical Extended Range (XR & TXR) Facility Registered Dive Centre / Organisation In Bali. Our Technical Dive Center is located in Sanur. We Have Our Own Registered and well maintained Technical Filling Station

BIDP Offers The Following Technical Diving Courses In Bali:

Price based on 2 participants

  • INTRO To Tech; IDR CONTACT US; 1 Day; Theory/Pool/2 Intro Tech Dive.
  • XR Gas Blender; IDR CONTACT US; 1 Day;Class and practice.
  • XR Nitrox Diving; IDR CONTACT US; 3 Days; Class/Pool/4 Dives
  • XR Extended Range & Limited Trimix (Foundation to all Tech Diver level) ; IDR CONTACT US; 4 Days; Class/Pool/6 Dives
  • TXR Advanced Deco Procedure or Normoxic Trimix; IDR CONTACT US; 3 Days; Class/Pool/4 Dives
  • TXR Hypoxic Trimix; IDR CONTACT US; 3 Days; Class/Pool/4 Dives

We also provide training for XR Advanced Wreck, Technical Wreck Diving and XR Cavern.


Include:Manual,certification,use of all necessary equipment for tech dive,transportation,insurance,hotel in Tulamben during open water training,lunch and drink,Instructor fee.

– Double Tank Decompression Technical Diving Is Also On Our Menu –



There are several dive sites in Bali which extend below the limits of air and nitrox diving, to access these sites the use of mixed gas diving is necessary. Avandy is one of Bali's pioneer Technical Divers and training providers and has done More Then 2000 dives. BIDP has been offering Technical Diving since 1999 and are registered with SSI.


The very deep ocean trench separating Bali from Nusa Penida offers excellent opportunities to encounter sharks, the occassional whale shark and, more famously, Mola Mola or sunfish. Coral slopes continue well below normal recreational dive limits and offer the technical diver an opportunity to explore largely untouched environments.
Tulamben offers the technical diver the opportunity of following its drop offs and volcanic slopes to explore the wealth of coral and abundant marine life inaccessible to most of the divers frequenting this location.
The walls along Menjangan Island continue to depths beyond the reach of single-tank dives. A wooden shipwreck starting at 40msw together with the bright white sand and excellent light make these ideal tek deep dive sites.
Many of the attractions of these and other deep dive sites can be seen even on training dives, making these first experiences even more memorable.

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