Reef Check Eco Diver Course Bali

Reef Check is a global reef monitoring program to process and determine the conditions of the coral reefs around the world. Coral reefs are a very important part of the ecosystem of the planets seas and oceans.
Reef Check and Bali International Diving Professionals are eager to preserve the reefs for future generations and because Indonesia with it’s 17.500 island is estimated for at least 14 percent of the living coral reefs in the world there is an important task for us to take care here in Bali, Indonesia.

The Reef Check goal is to bring different people together to:
Educate the public about the reef crisis and issues facing the world’s reef ecosystems;
Construct a worldwide network of volunteered teams to regularly monitor and report on reef health;
Scientifically investigate reef ecosystem processes;
Facilitate collaboration among academia, NGO’s, governments and business;
Stimulate local community action to prevent remaining pristing reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide using ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions;
To make a Coral Reef Condition check and monitoring any changes to the reef.

The aim of the Reef Check course is to bring experienced divers with good buoyancy together and teach them why coral reef monitoring is needed, how they can participate in a reef check and how they can use their new knowledge and skills to promote responsible attitudes with regards to the environment and Especially coral reef.

Participating divers must at least be 14 years of age at the beginning of the course;
Participating divers have to be certified and in possession of valid certificate;
Participating divers need to have good buoyancy control;
Participating divers must be able to perform simple tasks underwater;
Participating divers must be a minimum an Open Water Diver from any training agency

PRICE Based on 2 participants:
3 days course (Class/Pool/Ocean Training) US$ CONTACT US/participant
2 days course (Class/Pool/Ocean Training) US$ CONTACT US/participant

INCLUDE: Manual,certification from Reef Check,tranportation,scuba diving equipment,cylinder,weight,lunch and drink,all entrance fee to the dive site,Instructor and insurance.

*Special Price for Group more than 4 divers

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