Professional/Instructor Course Bali


SSI Professional Level Scuba Diving Course Duration Rate for Single Supplement Rate for Minimum of 2 Candidates (Rate/Candidates)
SSI Dive Guide Course 7-8 Days IDR 13.260.000 IDR 9.035.000

SSI Science of Diving Specialty Dive Course (From Dive Guide Level to Divemaster Level)

3-4 Days IDR 4.641.000 IDR 3.848.000

SSI Divemaster Combination Course (SSI Dive Guide + SSI SOD. From Rescue Diver Level)

12 Days IDR 15.600.000 IDR 11.388.000
SSI Dive Control Specialist Course (From Divemaster Level) 8 Days IDR 12.025.000 IDR 7.800.000
SSI Open Water Instructor Training Course (From DCS Level) 9 Days IDR 18.005.000 IDR 11.518.000
SSI Open Water Instructor Combination Course (SSI DCS + SSI ITC. From Divemaster Level) 17 Days IDR 37.245.000 IDR 19.656.000
SSI Instructor Crossover Course (from PADI) 2 Days IDR 4.680.000 IDR 4.537.000
SSI Instructor Crossover Course (From POSSI/other RSTC member) 6 Days IDR 8.216.000 IDR 6.708.000
SSI Specialty Instructor Course Various Contact Us Contact Us
SSI React Right Instructor 1 Day IDR 2.925.000 IDR 2.457.000
SSI Scuba Ranger Instructor Training Course 2-3 Days IDR 6.851.000 IDR 6.201.000
SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor Training Course + Teaching Simulation 6 Days IDR 8.853.000 IDR 6.760.000
SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor Training Course + Co-Teaching in SSI Open Water Instructor Training Course 12 Days IDR 7.501.000 IDR 6.305.000


All the prerequisites and requirements related to participation in Professional Level Scuba Diving Course mentioned above is regulated through Standard issued by Scuba Schools International (SSI). For further detailed information, kindly contact us.



Scuba Diving equipment (Complimentary. If any needed); All tanks and weights needed during Course; Mineral water during Course; Lunch during Course; All costs for Classroom Sessions; All costs for Pool Sessions; All costs for Open Water Sessions; All costs for transportation during Open Water Sessions; All costs for Certified-Assistant (Acting-Victim and/or Acting-Student. When and if needed during Course); Certification; Instructor Trainer's Fee.


Breakfast; Dinner; Accommodation; Transportation during Classroom & Pool Sessions; All costs related in conducting SSI Regional Headquarter's Final Examination (Requirement for particular Course); Manual; Application & Membership (Requirement for particular Course);.


Announcement: SSI Open Water Instructor Training Course Schedule 2016

Kindly contact us for available slots in these dates mentioned below.

  • 10th – 26th of January
  • 9th – 25th of February
  • 10th – 26th of March
  • 20th April – 6th of May
  • 14th – 30th of Mei
  • 2nd – 18th of June
  • 2nd – 18th of July
  • 28th Oct-13th Nov
  • 11th – 27th Dec

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