Sanur's Three Dive Sites:

Three named dive sites exist at the reef in front of Sanur, which are named "Channel Point", "Penjor Reef" and "Jeladi Wilis". These three dive sites offer a bit different bottom composition each of them. Although there is a lot of marine life to see, sometimes the underwater visibility can be a challenge and currents depending on the tides.

We feel that this is a good dive location for novice divers and refresher course participants and for those who do not have much time or want to travel long way to north (west) Bali. The minute marine life and coral formations make Sanur's dive sites interesting, as well as a convenient close to "basecamp" divetrip. Sanur certainly doesn’t offer Bali’s best diving, but if you want a quick and easy dive with interesting things to encounter, this is the place to visit.

Underestimated Area:

Some people say that diving in Sanur is a waste of time. However, BIDP disagree with this statement as we have seen wonderful small creatures like seahorse, mantis shrimp, blue ring octopus and many different nudibranchs in the area around the reef of Sanur. There is a vast variety of coral growth with boomies and large table corals present aswell. The Sanur area is underestimated.

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