Diving Safety

Bali International Diving Professionals Remains Consistant With Our High Reputation Of Professionalism And Safety Which Is Why We Wish To Provide A Complete Page On Scuba Diving Safety Information.

All our scuba diving equipment, tanks, boats, mini busses, filling stations belong to Bali International Diving Professionals and are regularily serviced and maintained. We are able to control exactly what is going into our scuba diving tanks, hence our lungs. Our Equipment is of International Quality with Mares and US Diver brands being our major suppliers. As an extra service to our divers when diving with Bali International Diving Professionals our technicians are also able to service your equipment (for those bringing in their own BCD’S and regulators). We do not charge for this service but do ask for a contribution to our equipment technicians to support their extra time.

B I D P provides transport with our very own purpose built dive boat (200hp x 2 Suzuki engines) with toilet and shower facilities for trips departing from Bali. We carry life jackets, O2 kits and first aid supplies on every dive trip and in all boats and vehicles.

We would like to re-iterate the importance of safe diving in Bali by using a SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) while diving in Bali. Every diver, if bringing their own equipment will not be given the OK sign to dive unless he/she has a signaling device in working order.

SMB will be provided by B I D P for all divers but we do recommend that each diver purchase their own for your future safety. This can be done in your own country at a reputable dive shop or Bali International Diving Professionals also sell these in our dive center.

Every Diveguide is equipped with Surface Marker Buoy



Please note we take divers out in only small groups providing each diver with an instructor, buddy and or divemaster. We do this as we believe this is the only way to ensure safe diving whilst still being able to enjoy our magical underwater world. Maximum 4 divers per guide.


All certified divers will be asked to show us their certification cards before entering the ocean! If they have been misplaced or recently stolen please ensure you have a letter from your instructor/training school as a support document. Divers who have previously undergone surgery will also be  asked to provide a current, dated letter from your doctor/GP stating you are fit and healthy to scuba dive.


This can often be overlooked and forgotten. It is essential you and your chosen scuba diving centre are well prepared before diving:

  • Preparing a Diveable Plan
  • Collecting Predicted Tidal / Weather Information
  • Seek Local Area Advice
  • Make Contingency Plans
  • Make Sure Your Boat Has O2, First-Aid Supplies
  • The Boat Has GPS Radio Communication Facility
  • Check Exit And Entry Points
  • Ensure Identity Of All Divers Is Documented
  • Instructor Provides a Clear & Precise Briefing
  • Always Carry a Depth Gauge, Compass & Timing Device
  • Re-Confirm Depths Of Water
  • Check Diving Cylinders Are Full & Open
  • Do a Complete Check & Check Again Of Your Diving Equipment
  • Do a Complete Buddy Check Each & Every Time You Dive
  • Never Be Afraid To Say ‘NO Thank U’ If You Are Not Feeling Up To a Dive
  • Always Follow Your Dive Plan

For further information or to book your next Bali diving holiday or SSI/PADI dive course in Bali